​All Pellowah teachers should have completed Pellowah level 3 with Kachina Ma’an herself. All teacher received guidance about how to teach Pellowah. So all Pellowah teachers are teaching exactly the same way, using the same manual that had been prepared by Kachina Ma’an. Even the same meditations and background music for mediation in the same for all workshops.

These points are helpful for both Pellowah teachers and pellowah students:

​ ​- All teacher should use the same manuals that had been prepared by Kachina Ma’an.

  • All teachers should use the meditation and background music that had been refer to in the teacher manuals.
  • Pellowah is not a self-healing modality and the teacher is not allowed to invent ways for pellowah self-healing
  • Pellowah level 1 and 2 can’t be taught during the same day as that may affect the attunements. 
  • Pellowah teachers should be mindfull about consuming alchohol or drugs 24 hours prior to the workshop. (although it is allowed in small amount it is better not to consume any)