All Pellowah practitioner should have completed Pellowah level 1 with Pellowah teacher . All practitioner receive guidance about conducting Pellowah healing sessions.

Put the client on the table face up preferably. Make sure they are comfortable and cover them with a blanket if necessary. If the client is not comfortable on their back allow them to lie in any position they choose. They may have their eyes open … but closed is always preferable.

“No distractions” is imperative for the best results. This means:
• No music
• No noise
• Subtle steady light
• No burning of aromatherapy oils or incense
• No talking during the treatment from the practitioner
• Ear muffs or eye shades may be helpful. Please ensure the eye packs are not lavender scented!

During treatments it is common for the client to hear, feel, smell and see things, especially lights. If there are no physical distractions then they are assured of a genuine experience. Music and incense could lead the client towards certain directions. Without this outside stimulus they are free to go on their own unique journey.

The practitioner may have their eyes open or closed, depending on personal preference.

The practitioner must be standing during the entire healing process as sitting restricts the flow of energy.

After the healing is done let the client lay there for a further 5 minutes as there will be a settling period after you have finished.

After the healing has taken place the client will generally have a new lightness and a feeling of well-being. Some don’t feel anything and that’s OK.

No other form of healing can be used with Pellowah (eg Reiki) as Pellowah is a pure energy which requires no interference. If any other form of healing or energy (ie Ego) is present, the Pellowah energy will cease. The only exceptions to this are:
• Crystals (which are not programmed). These can be placed on the table or on the person during healing. Programmed crystals cannot be used, however, because of the “intent” they carry. This intent will interfere with the Pellowah energy.
• Acupuncture. Pellowah can be used once the needles are in place.
• Some essences, such as light frequency and orchid essences. Examples of light frequency essences are: Lake Baikal, Amazon, Arctic, Antarctic. These essences activate from the inside out and therefore will not interfere with Pellowah. Bach Flower remedies and Young Living Essential Oils will interfere with the Pellowah energy and do need to be avoided.

Pellowah is a form of healing that can be done more than once. The number of sessions will vary from client to client and will be at the client’s discretion NOT the practitioners.

As a practitioner you must suspend all judgements. This is not a diagnostic form of healing but an intuitive one, therefore trying to diagnose can be misleading.

​For example, if your hands are over the heart it does not mean the client has some form of heart or emotional problem. That area of the body may be meridian related rather than physical. You have asked only to receive and the rest has nothing to do with your part of the healing.