Pellowah currently has three levels. Level 1 and 2 could be taught by any Pellowah teacher. While level 3 is taught only by Kachina Ma’an herself – till today-.

After level 1 you will become a Pellowah practitioner. Level 2 is a spiritual workshop for your own spiritual growth. After level 3, not only you can start teaching Pellowah, but also you will gain an expanded degree of the benefits that you got while studying Pellowah 1 and 2.


In this video, you will find information about Pellowah levels and what to expect from each level.




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My name is Zahraa Lafal, I am psychic, spiritual healer and teacher, author and spiritual life coach. I am the founder of Healing Pillars ( ) and the Australian Pellowah connection ( )


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